FALSE TEETH PROBLEMS: Sometimes, Raw Foodists Can Run Into Trouble

It has come to my attention that some folks who like raw food have teeth that will not always cooperate.  Folks with dentures (aka “false teeth”), can run into trouble when they want to eat raw food. 


THE GOOD NEWS IS: There are solutions!!!! notice, please, that I did not say “there is A solution”.  

If you are one of the “fortunate” (i.e., you will not have to worry about cavities or root canals, et al), you will probably have to disassociate yourself from those who declare that raw food must be eaten in its natural state.  The fact is that you will probably NOT be able to eat the food in its natural state — you will need to process most food at least minimally.  NO PROBLEM!!!!!  Not everyone believes that you have to eat only food in its natural state.

If you have plastic teeth (or no teeth at all), you are going to need to consider at least using a knife.  A food processor can also be your next best friend.  A good blender and a good juicer will also be useful.  

KNIFE:  You can slice things into manageable pieces.  Even lettuce can be sliced into shreds that can be eaten with plastic teeth that are anchored with adhesive. There is a slicing technique, called tapenade, where you roll up a leaf into a cigar shape, and then slice it thinly horizontally, to get thin ribbons, which you can use in salads or marinated vegetable dishes.  To do “tapenade”, it is easiest to first separate the leaves from the stiff stems, so you get two pieces of leaf.  Then you roll up a few leaf pieces into a cigar shape, and slice them, with a sharp knife, into ribbons.  It goes relatively quickly, once you have started.

A FOOD PROCESSOR can come in very handy.  You can throw any vegetable into a food processor and come up with something that you can get down.  With a food processor, you can puree anything at all, and you can grind most things into fine enough particles to eat, or to combine with other foods to make things you can eat.  You can make pates, purees, sauces, and creams.  You can make ingredients for other concoctions that you can eat.

A GOOD JUICER (a Champion Juicer, for example), will allow you to make fruit and vegetable juices, and, also, pates of fruit, vegetetables, and soaked nuts.  Often, the leftover from juices can be used for other food concoctions (I am going to make apple juice tomorrow night, and I will be left with a pulp that I think is just like apple sauce. Pulp left from vegetables and fruit juices can also be used in other recipes)

A BLENDER:  You will probably want a high-speed blender to combine things.  Many people use blenders to make smoothies from vegetables and fruit. If you do not have a food processor, you can process some things in a high speed blender (like a VitaMix).  I lived for a few years without a food processor, and managed with my VitaMix, but, I would suggest that, if you have to choose, get a good food processor and then the best blender you can afford.  

With this minimal (really) collection of machines, any chewing-challenged person can manage raw food.  NO MORE EXCUSES. 


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