I’m Excited!!! I’ve found new blogs!!


I found this photo at I Can Has Cheezburger and I so love it.

I am singing “Halleluia!” because I know about the raw food lifestyle, and because I can communicate with other raw foodies via my computer, and I can even meet people who believe in a raw food lifestyle in my town. I am so very blessed.

I have been hanging out on the Internet more than I’d like to (I miss reading sometimes) and I have found a lot of new raw food blogs and sites. Now I have to find out some way to make my links list manageable… ahhh! the blog learning curve!…. meanwhile, please do check out my links, because there are a lot of exciting places to visit, particularly if you are looking for new recipes! I’m excited because I have new places to go back to and check out from time to time.



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