I wondered, a week or so back, if you could sprout fresh beans.  It would seem that you should be able to, now, wouldn’t it?  I mean, weren’t dried beans fresh beans once, and you sprout dried beans, right?  Okay, so, nobody has ever come back to me on that one, so, instead of losing the beans, I decided last night to try sprouting them.  As of 5 minutes ago, I had one bean with a 1/2 inch sprout on it.  I ate it.  The taste was very starchy, or else NOT GOOD.  I am leaving the other 10 beans in the sprouter to see what will happen. I will let any sprouts grow a bit longer, like maybe mung bean sprout length, to see if they taste any better. If today’s sprout is an indicator, I should have such sprouts in the next two days.


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