WHAT I GOT: everything is what they promised!!!


I got what the farm promised today:

Baby Arugula            1 bag
Fingerling Potatoes     2 lb bag
Red Tomatoes           4 pieces
Red Kale                   1 bunch
Romaine Lettuce        2 heads
Cranberry Beans        1 lb bag
Red Long Peppers     6 pieces

What was really cool was that they let me exchange one bunch of romaine for a bunch of kale!!!!!  I am no fan of lettuce, but I can live on kale!!!!!!   I was quite happy when they offered me the option of trading.  I’ve never been offered that option before. 

Right now, I am trying to find out if I can sprout the beans.  If you have information on sprouting fresh raw beans (mine are still in the pod), I’d appreciate hearing from you. 


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