Lesa was so nice to me… she showed me her low-tech equipment, and made me use it, so I could see how it worked.

She also showed me her spiralizer, which makes the nicest, finest  “pasta”…  I am looking for the moment that I can get to the store where they sell them….. tomorrow is tight… maybe Monday…. I NEED that machine.  I have a Spirooli, but it will not do threads as fine as what Lesa had me make last night.  I am going to get the machine she has and then give away my spirooli.  Lesa was so cool — she demonstrated the machine, and then she made me use it, and she observed, as I did, and commented.

She also showed me a cool contraption for dicing vegetables, and made me use it, so I could appreciate the value it it.  (I have a food processor, but, if I want to dice stuff, I do that by hand… this thing made quick work of dicing, and it had two frames, so it could make large or fine dice.

I hear that Lesa will be doing demos at Whole Foods… be there!!!!

This girl is good!  I know she does demos around the City…. if you can get to one, whatever she is talking about, you should go.  She lives in a tiny place (reminds me of a boat), and yet she can do everything she needs to do in that place.  Listening to her, I have even started to think how I could live in a place that tiny (200 sq. ft.)

Lesa is the most amazing and inspiring person… I am not going to tell you her biography here, but….what she has done to improve herself is absolutely amazing.   She has reduced her size by half (as in, she has taken off a lot of weight…. I have done the same thing, but…. I am a lot taller, so the numbers figure differently…. she was way bigger than I was, even though the numbers were similar….)… I would attend her presentations, but, unfortunately, she usually presents at times when I am working.

Now, Lesa has written a book about her raw experience, and how she removed the pounds.  As soon as she gives me the information, I will post it here, so anyone can get her book (it is not in bookstores).  Her book talks about her personal journey, and how she achieved what she has achieved.  It is a good thing to read for people who need support in their raw food experience, and for those who are interested in releasing pounds.

I am every


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