If you have been following along, you might have seen my comment on my offer to volunteer even more….  well… I have never even received an answer to the email that I sent.  Okay.  Never mind.

 Today, when I showed up to pick up my share, I saw there were only two volunteers…. Unfortunately, I had important plans, or I would have just rolled up my sleeves and joined them…….

Now, I am going to say it again.  I have volunteered to volunteer again, and no one has answered my request.  I guess they don’t like enthusiastic people, or maybe they only like the people they have known for longer than the CSA has been in existence.  I don’t know. I just don’t get why a volunteer would be rejected (I have said little around any of these people — okay, I have said some here — and I just mostly politely listened when  it was my turn to volunteer– but I have volunteered to unload the truck many times…. maybe that was a bad thing)

 Whatever… I was so sorry I could not stop and stay today.  It made me really sad, actually.

Now that I have seen how badly things can go wrong, I am going to try  to arrange my week so that I could give up my plans if help is needed.  Of course, I will have my plans, but, if I can arrange the rest of my week well, I might be able to pass up my very important yoga class if all the other volunteers have dissed their assignment. 


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