Today I went to a local raw food meeting. This is the second time I have gone to the meeting, and, this time, the only reason I went was because Tommie Burchard, she of , emailed me that she would be there.

Boy, that was fun to meet Tommie. She looks just like her photos — gorgeous. The best part for me, though, was her gentle Southern way and her lovely Southern accent. I was thoroughly charmed by her (okay, I have been in awe of her since I first met her on-line), and totally fascinated with her ability to deflect an undesirable situation in a very charming manner — I was absolutely in awe. (I wish I could be so gracious) I was so sorry that I could not spend more time with her… I mean, she was in my territory, and may never be again, and I wanted to sit beside her and share, or else sit at her knee and absorb wisdom and Southern gentility (I left home too young).


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