I Offered… My More Volunteer Experience

My experience with the CSA has been quite interesting.
I have no issue with showing up and getting the vegetables.
I really have no issue with showing up early and asking if I could help unload the vegetables or organize the disorganization when it was not my turn (okay, I just do sort of wonder who refuses a volunteer helper)
Okay, if it were my job to organize, I would welcome anyone who showed up and offered to help, but… hey!!! it has never been my job to organize.

After a couple of weeks of the truck arriving late, the powers that be decided that it might be okay to have an extra pair of strong arms to unload the truck, and so they let help. Wow.

Finally, my official volunteer day came, and I worked with gusto, and had a lot fo fun. (Okay, it was weird being the oldest person, and the younger people seemed to have “in’s” with the “powers that be”, and the assigned “power” got sick and went home, so maybe my fun was not the official fun or something… I know I worked hard)

When it was all over, I offered to volunteer again, and was told to write to the website. I did. That was a week or two ago… to date, I have not heard anything back from the people who have been crying about not having volunteers.????????? I’m clueless… even if I had 14 volunteers, I would welcome another. Call me clueless, but, the way I figure it, more hands are better than fewer hands.

Okay, I used to work in Corporate America. I know that things do not always go the way that makes sense to the average human. I can deal with sitting and watching many slow people unload the truck box by box , when I could carry two or three of those boxes….. Not a problem.

I learn every day, in every way. Do these people learn? (Probably, if they have any wits about them, they are looking here, and learning, at the very least, that Margaret likes to volunteer, and does not understand when she is not allowed to volunteer, but made to wait for slow, weak people who would rather talk on their cell phones than help the people who arrive take their shares.
Yeah, I am not being gracious. Sorry, Mom.


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