I signed up for an unlimited month of hot yoga today. I went to the class and did not die. I was surprised that I made it through everything, even though it has been two months since I was last there. Amazing. I will probably hurt tomorrow, because I did everything. I was excited about being able to do everything, though.

So…. raw food people are always talking about what gets in the way of their lifestyle choices. I’m not having any trouble eating raw, but as soon as I signed up for a month of yoga (so I should go at least 4 times a week), I got all these things I have to do ….. I have to get my hair cut, and it will take at least an hour to get to the hairdresser and an hour to get back, so there goes tomorrow night. Then I got an email from Lesa that it is time for her full moon get-together (so there goes Wednesday night)

I’m excited that Lesa’s full-moon raw food women’s gathering is this week.I went to the one last month, and I had so much fun. I hope more people will come. Her place is tiny and built-in, like a boat, but that makes it so cozy you don’t miss the fireplace (tee hee) This time, Lesa has expanded the time and the concept…. everyone should bring a salad ingredient to throw in her big salad bowl, to make a pot-luck salad. Cool idea. I will be there early! I hope that more local women (NYC – she’s in Manhattan) will come. If you want to know where, I can forward her invitation.  I hope you will join us.

The wonderful part about Lesa’s meets is that there are no politics, ……just sharing……, no selling, no psychoanalysis/counseling/NLP….no one right way…. just sharing.  This is what I have been looking for in a raw food group, and unable to find up until now.  


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