9/20/07 PREDICTED SHARE: what they say we will get

As always, it’s a crapshoot. We usually get pretty much what they say. It is beginning to look like potato season is upon us… last week we got a bag of potatoes, as well. Good thing I like that potato salad I came up with. I think I will probably give some of them away, though.

They say we will get:

Cherry Tomatoes 1 pint goody! my candy!
Green Beans 1 bag yum!
Red Tomatoes 4 whoa! more to dehydrate/juice
Yellow Potatoes 2 lb bag we’ll see
Bell Peppers 2 to dry for seasoning powder
Spinach or Arugula 1 bag yummy! spinach, please, please!
Red Long Peppers 5 pieces more drying
Carrots 1 bunch goody! I love carrot juice
Basil 1 bunch I like to eat them by themselves

There will also be a bag of apples and a bag of Damson plums. I should probably look for some recipes for Damson plums. I understand they are quite sour and should be cooked.

Good I have recipes already. I think I look for some new ones anyway. Maybe make some spaghetti again.


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