9/13/07 PREDICTED SHARE: what they say I will get

This is what the farm says will be in the box:

Lettuce – they really want me to get into lettuce… I feed it to the room-mate
Parsley – for the dehydrator
Red Tomatoes— tomatoes!!! more tomatoes!!!!! into the dehydrator
WhiteJapanese Salad Turnips – I like turnips…How are Japanese different?
Cherry Tomatoes…. my night-time snack
Red or Yellow Bell Peppers – yumm! Peppers! I can make crackers!
Red Long Peppers – they say they might be hot! (Hope! Hope!)
Green Beans – more practice cutting green beans to where I like them
Romano Beans – these were good with tomatoes last time
Gala Apples – okay, apple sauce or dried apples, or both
Raspberries – in my breakfast shake! Yum!!!!

Hmm…. we’ll see what actually comes in the box.

This is my week to volunteer. I just hope they don’t want me to distribute the meat share. I hope I can pick what I want to do.

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