A DIFFERENT DRUMMER? my take on how I should eat. Your mileage may vary.

I went to a very interesting Raw Food people meeting on Monday. Once again, I was reminded that I might not actually be ready to deal with these people…. some of them are nice one on one, but, in a group, this gets weird..

I am going to process food as I see fit. Oft-times, that will mean I will wash my produce. (Gasp!). I may actually cut my produce with a knife!!!!!! Hold on, please….. it gets worse…. I have a food processor, a VitaMix, a Champion juicer, and (gasp) an Excalibur dehydrator!!!! What is worse… I know how use these things, and, what’s more, …. I actually do use them to create things to eat.

Now, I don’t think it is too very weird or improper to use my dehydrator to make crackers, or to dehydrate food items I am not going to get to, so as to preserve them, to make the odd entree item. I love to use my Champion juicer to make juices, pates, and ice cream. I am not above processing anything into submission in my food processor or my VitaMix . I actually enjoy doing these things…. and I am not afraid to say so.

I was called down, in a very gentle way, when someone at the meeting suggested that most people prefer their food unprocessed.
S-O-R-R-Y!!!!!! I have seen a whole lot of cookbooks, and… when I took my raw food training, I was taught how to make all sorts of things that I simply don’t feel like taking the time to make, and then a few things that have become staples in my kitchen. (The upshot is… I think some people are just very uninclined to cook, and so they say that food should be unprocessed. No problem… that is them. I am me.) It certainly is easier to just pick up the odd tomato and chow down, but there are other ways to dispatch a tomato (I do love my tomato juice)

I do think that natural hygiene/food combining is a good idea. I think that, if you pay attention to what foods you are putting together in a meal, and follow food combining rules, you will feel better, and suffer fewer digestive problems. When I put together a meal, I follow such rules.

I have noticed, among my raw friends, that many who follow the 8-1-1 protocol end of having specific physical and mental/emotional difficulties. Some experience skin problems, and some actually just experience weird-outs. People may choose to ignore the changes that come about when they neglect to include in their diets food which will help them feel better, enjoy eating more, and maintain their health. That is up to them. I think that, sooner, or later, they will have to face reality. We can survive on raw food, but we cannot ignore the needs or the body.

I just am not going to eliminate, or reduce to a minimum, my fat intake. I find that including fats in my diet helps my skin stay supple, my mind stay sharp, my emotions remain stable, and…. over and above all these nice effects, helps keep me from experiencing food cravings.

I guess, what I am doing is following an instinctive diet, in which what I want to eat is okay. I am not called to eat sweets, but nuts and avocados are not verboten in my diet. I actually believe that they are good for me. I am not going to change that viewpoint, as it helps me to stay raw. I’ve been raw long enough, and I have studied nutrition enough, to trust my instincts.

I think Ann Wigmore’s concepts work. I believe that rejuvelac is a healthy diet inclusion and/or ingredient for food creations.

I am not afraid to say these things.


One response to “A DIFFERENT DRUMMER? my take on how I should eat. Your mileage may vary.

  1. Oh, I agree 100%!!! Too many people are looking for the raw food gurus. Too many people are placing their lives in the hands of others, and acting like sheep! Food is the most personal thing in our lives that we have total control over. It changes our mood, our health. It can be social, or highly religous.

    You have to listen to yourself, and do what is best for your own body! Now excuse me, I have to clean the champion, hose down my vitamix, and get the dehydrator ready for tomorrow! I’ve got them too, and I’ll use them when I feel like it!

    Never let someone beat your drum. Its yours to bang how you want to bang it! I’m glad to see others stepping up, and claiming their right to live as they want to life!

    We are not the same!

    Best wishes!

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